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Investor Presentation

The company "VALERI-TEX" is among the first among manufacturers of children's knitwear in Ukraine. We work in the field of production since 1998 and offer a wide assortment, made of natural, high-quality and safe materials, high quality knitwear with the sign "Safe for the child"

Experienced professionals - designers, designers and technologists - constantly monitor the new trends of the world of children's fashion, and skillfully embody the most daring creative ideas.

Annually releases two seasonal collections of children's clothes "Spring-Summer" and "Autumn-Winter", each of which consists of favorite base and new models.

Guaranteed quality of products - both in the manufacture and in the selection of premium fabrics and fittings. All collections undergo several stages of quality control and are manufactured at their own factory, equipped with the latest technological equipment of foreign firms, capable of producing high-quality jerseys, which was updated and purchased in 2015.

They have been certified by the State Committee for Standardization and Metrology of Ukraine, and also have a hygienic conclusion of the state expertise. The enterprise has implemented the international quality management system ISO 9001: 2008. Certificate UA 10114.С.026-19

Valerie-Tex Ltd., a limited liability company, consists of a sewing, cutting, embroidery and printing shop, a warehouse for storing finished goods and canvases, garages, and 7 cars. All premises have an area of about 3500 square meters located on a land plot of 0.98 hectares and are privately owned by Sharifulin Vladimir Fedorovich.

Shvatsky and the finishing and finishing workshop - has a plane of about 330m2. The seamstress and finishing and finishing shop of the workshop employs 38 people (seamstresses 22 people, brigadier-1, quality controllers - 4, loader-1, debugging equipment-1 packer-7 and ironingers- 2. In the garment shop - 50 tons per unit of equipment: 25 - overlock, flat-blade machine - 3, button machine - 2, universal shuttle machine - 7, loop - 2, croquet - 1, peak - 1, rubber adjustment - 1 , sewing bakey - 1, a rudder - 1, a bay with a roller - 1, rivet-1, knuckles - 1, rask Lady - 1, Special Vehicles - 2

Cutting workshops - make up - 150m2, work 4 cutters on electric saws and electric knives, 1 employee on a machine for cutting bayonet canvas, 2 people - cutters, 1 person stock cutter, 1 person on a stamping machine for the manufacture of labels.

The embroidery shop is about 80 m2, there are 5 embroiderers on the eight-head embroidery machines model SWF / E-IN908-45, 2 auxiliary workers for cleaning and threading.

The shop for applying silk screen printing on knitted items is located on the first floor and is 150 m2. . The shop operates 6 operators on the equipment for automatic and manual drawing of drawings for products.

Warehouses for storage of finished products - about 370 m2, 5 storekeepers are working. Warehouse for storing the canvas - about 576 m2., 1 storekeeper and 1 loader work.

The company employs 110 people. In addition to the production personnel, as well as the staff of engineering and technical personnel, they are designers, designers, shop managers, accounting department, personnel department, labor protection service, repair service, and security service of the enterprise.

Industrial premises are equipped with heating, inflow and exhaust ventilation and conditiation, lighting in accordance with sanitary norms and ergonomic requirements.